js-smart-table v1.0.6


As you can see, if you click a person, his profile picture will be reflected on the right side. A difference with the demo that you saw on npm is clearly, instead of filling some inputs and displaying buttons, i changed the profile picture.

Also, im not using my own API that was used on the video-tutorial, im using the reqres one in order to demostrate that this library can work with all the APIs that accomplish the requirements.

There is no limitations of what you can do with the "referenced" row you clicked. That's why i call it "smart".

If you try to order the table, nothin happens because unless i "configured" my table in order that the data get sort by the db gestor. Why? Because this API cant sort the data :(

But if you find one, nice. Any way, you can build your own api and make it sortable ;)

And yeah, they're just 2 pages, but not my fault xD

More information

Example code 1
Example code 2 (Demo you're seeing)
Video guide (Spanish)
Library on NPM

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